About Me


About Yong

Yong has lived in numerous cities in China, USA and Canada. He settled in Oakville and built a family in the wedgewood creek neighbourhood. Yong was attracted to Oakville by its natural beauty, parks, trails, heritage, the friendly neighbourhood and diversified culture. The generosity of its residents and Oakville's community spirit attracted Yong and his family to live here.
Prior to achieving his real estate license, Yong spent more than a decade working as an actuary in a leading retirement consulting firm. Yong built solid financial planning experience and helped his clients to achieve their life dreams. Yong's passion for entrepreneurship and community ultimately led him to his real estate career.
Yong is actively involved in the Oakville community. He is on the Parents' Council at Munn's Public School. Yong is also an active volunteer for senior associations, and helps to organize their activities and plan their budgets. He is always willing to help with any community activity.
Yong truly believes that building a better community will ultimately build up your financial portfolio and improve your life. 

Community - Prosperity - Harmony